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Jeanne Alternative Healthcare CenterJeanne - Office Manager 

Jeanne has been working with Dr. Marc for 35 years. What started out as a temporary position has grown into a life long career. 

Jeanne's goal is to help the office run smoothly and to help educate people on healthier eating habits. 

She has two adult daughters who were raised in the office and most of what she learned about healthy eating was to benefit them. 

Jeanne is known for her ability to take any recipe and convert it into a healthy version with sugar and dairy replacements, If you have a favorite dessert recipe that you would like converted into a healthier choice, Jeanne is always willing to help! 

"Health is a journey not a destination and the  practical aspects of this journey are what I am best at." - Jeanne 

Jeanne Alternative Healthcare CenterSerah - Technical Assistant

Serah is Dr. Marc’s exclusive technical assistant and her job is to work with Dr. Marc to ensure that the patients get the best care possible.  

She served as a healthcare specialist/ combat medic for six years in the military and has worked in multiple medical fields alongside doctors and other professionals.  

She developed a passion for working with prenatal patients and infants while interning under a Georgia home birth midwife. She aspires to have an alternative health practice of her own one day, serving women and children. 

She currently resides in Marietta, GA with her son and husband, and enjoys networking with various veterans associations across the state in her spare time. 

Serah loves working with people who have embraced alternative health care as a way to address their health.  

"Here, I know there is a possibility they could get real treatment that they could not get anywhere else. I want to see people get better, to seek getting real protocols for them to finally find the root cause." 


Hi I’m Katie. I do a little bit of everything in the office so that our patients can receive extraordinary health care experiences. I fill in wherever necessary and work to keep the office running smoothly by helping Dr. Marc, Serah and the front office staff. I do this because I want patients to feel welcome and be able to achieve all the benefits that are available from what I believe is an exceptional health care practice.

I recently graduated from Berry College where I worked as a shepherd. It was a very humbling experience. These animal were totally dependent on us to get any care that they needed. Seeing how my actions had a direct effect on their lives made me a more responsible, empathic, and observant provider.

As I continued caring for the sheep I realized that a bigger part of my job was supporting my team and creating an environment so that the new students would able to find their way through school.   As I mentored them, I realized that they could see what I have been fortunate enough to realize about this experience.

What I loved about my job is that it helped my staff become better people.

My realization was that my mission in life was greater than the one I was presently involved in. I wanted to help people be the best version of themselves.

Growing up, I had some physical challenges and the normal health care that I traditionally receive did not feel “genuine” at all, and was far less beneficial that what I experienced when I was working with health care providers at a therapeutic horseback riding center. There, all of my providers shared a common interest with me: our love of horses. I learned the value of forming a close relationship with patients and I continued to teach riding lessons and be a part of the close knit therapeutic riding community.

I was looking for a health care practice that understood the importance of treating patients as individuals and showing them genuine compassion, which lead me to Dr. Marc’s. 

Here, I enjoy getting to know more about the patients than just their symptoms, and assisting them however I can.

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