Ask Dr. Marc - 11/14/2019

Ask Dr. Marc - 11/14/2019


Question: I have a herniated disc. I have been told I need surgery. Is that true?


There are a lot of questions that should be asked and answered before you should consider this.

The first question is: what direction is the disk herniated? Is it towards the nerve or away from the nerve?

How damaged is the disk? The disk contains a fluid center. Is the material in the inside of the disk "leaking” ?

That makes a huge difference in determining if you can heal without surgery.

Many Orthopedists will tell you that you should never go to a Chiropractor if you have a herniated disk. Although it is correct that you should not have traditional Chiropractic.
Chiropractors are considerably schooled on the precautions when helping someone with a disk problem.
There are special tables built to address a herniation. It is true that the severity and location of the pain can determine if medical care is essential. However, a skilled Chiropractor will not hesitate to refer you as necessary.
An examination and possibly an MRI are essential to make this determination.

There are statistics which state that if you have one surgery on the spine, then the likelihood of additional surgeries is highly possible. The indisputable rule about spinal surgery is that you can always perform surgery, but you can never undo it.

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